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Beyond the Social Media Buzz: Finding Your Ideal Dining Spots with ByBrooke

Updated: Mar 7

Last week I found myself walking down to the Lower East Side to go to my favorite candy store in hopes of picking up a little sweet treat before heading to Murray Hill to watch The Bachelor at my friend’s apartment. However, when I got there, the candy bins were deserted. I turned to the guy with shock clearly on my face, and he told me that someone posted a TikTok that went viral, and they sold out of a lot of their candy within a week.

This got me thinking this morning as I stood inside my favorite little coffee shop waiting for my Americano. What if someone posted a TikTok about this place, with the one guy working at the espresso machine and one lady at the register, who knows how long it would take to get my morning coffee? The even bigger question is, would they be able to deliver high quality consistently?

In my opinion, viral posts on social media lead to expectations, which will generally be higher if someone is raving about it on Instagram or TikTok. Even though we try to tell ourselves we won’t set expectations, it is inevitable, and the bar is usually pretty high. In August, my friend invited me and a couple of her friends to Cote, a Korean BBQ restaurant with a steep price tag. People were raving about this place on TikTok, talking about how hard it was to get a reservation there and how delicious they thought the food was. However, at the end of the night, I walked away thinking, did I really just pay $150 for what I thought to be mediocre?

I am hesitant to post some of my favorite places on Instagram because as much as I want other people to experience these great places, I feel that an influx of people can change consistency and quality. Although I feel this way, I am willing to share these recommendations with friends, family, and the people who enjoy eating out as much as I do, like with ByBrooke, my restaurant concierge service. ByBrooke isn't steering you toward the spots flooding your feed; it's guiding you to these gems that align with what you're truly looking for. As someone deeply passionate about connecting people with high-quality, amazing reservations, ByBrooke has become my way of sharing these places with others. It’s not just about the hype; it’s about finding those unforgettable dining experiences that truly resonate with your wants, needs, and preferences.

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